You run your business.
We’ll handle your HR.

Gransee is your new HR department.  That means you will never have to spend another minute dealing with employee issues, hiring, employment paperwork, terminations, employee records, HIPAA, sick leave requests, workers comp, FFRA, compliance etc.  

We take HR off your hands.  Forever.


 - Hey there! Just letting you know I handled Mr Adams' workers' comp claim and updated all the records.  I also responded to Ms Hart's resignation this morning and went over the 2 week transition with her.  I will now start a process of hiring a new receptionist.  I will be in touch on Friday with an update.


- Thank you! Much


Smiling Professional Looking Woman

- My pleasure!


More hours in your day

Handling your own HR can take up to 20 hours each month. That's 3 days every month you could devote to income producing tasks in your business (or to spending more time with your family!). Free up some precious time and leave HR to us.


An expert on your side

Imagine never having to think about things like workplace compliance, employment law, HIPAA, FMLA, sick leave, unemployment, FFCRA etc. We don't want to brag but we are employment law experts and handle every employee issue for you! 


More money in your pocket

In the past, hiring an HR Manager has cost on average $65,000 per year.  Because most small businesses can't afford that expense, the owner or an unprepared admin assistant typically  get stuck with the tedious HR work.  Gransee HR was created to give you your own HR Manager who'll handle all the work the same way an in-house Manager would, but at a fraction of the cost!


Your own HR Manager

Typically small business owners have two options: handle all the HR work themselves or pay their payroll company for generic HR advice (and then still handle all the work themselves)!

We had a better idea!

Let us take HR completely off your plate an handle everything for you! Not to brag but we are very good at it and actually love this work!



More hours in your day

Let's be honest: HR work is tedious and time-consuming and you already have a lot on your plate! By leaving HR to us you could typically free up 10 hours of your time each week! Devote that time to income- producing activities that actually grow your business and let us take care of the HR side of things!


More money in your pocket

In the past, hiring an HR Manager has cost on average $65,000 per year.  Because many small businesses can't afford this expense they typically go without and it's the owner or an unprepared admin assistant who get stuck with HR work.  Gransee was created to give you all the benefits of an in-house HR Manager at a cost you can afford.  

A dedicated HR Manager who knows your business

Gransee gives you a dedicated Manager supported by powerful resources.  We are a natural extension of your team and get to know your business and your employees.  This way we not only handle all your daily HR operations but also help you plan strategically and grow your company.

HR contact for your employees

Employees frequently have questions.  Providing correct answers while navigating legal minefields is stressful and time-consuming.  We take all that off your plate so you never have to handle another employee issue again! 

Whether it's questions like: "My wife just tested positive for Covid, do I have to come to work?" or " How many PTO days do I have left?", we provide immediate answers and handle all the requests according to the Federal and state regulations. 


Keeping you informed

We’ll be in touch frequently so you'll always feel in control. Have questions in the meantime? Simply call or send your HR Manager a message in less time than it takes to Google "what is a FMLA?"

Local team of friendly humans 
Each Gransee team member works in-house from our Lancaster, PA headquarters and is an expert on not only federal labor regulations but also specific requirements in the state of Pennsylvania.  We put 'human' in human resources and are huge fans of easy communication!  Call, email or send smoke signals and we will get back to you right away!


Keeping you in compliance with labor law regulations

HR is a highly litigious field and even seemingly small mistakes can trigger painful audits and costly lawsuits.  We know it's difficult to run a business while trying to stay out of legal hot water and that's why we handle all your HR tasks with a rigid compliance lens. 


Even if your current records are messy and policies hugely outdated, we roll up our sleeves and get you in compliance as soon as we start working together.  Then, every month, we keep all your paperwork and policies updated and in accordance with all regulations. Go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief because you will never have to worry about employment law again!

Mandated policies in place
All US business owners must implement and abide by several strict workplace policies including anti-harassment and anti-discrimination clauses.  We will update all your policies, craft the ones you need and prepare an employee handbook that will govern employee relations and legally protect you.  Imagine finally having perfectly organized policies and procedures and fully compliant HR!

Government response center
With Gransee every employee issue is immediately addressed and that includes communicating with the government agencies on your behalf.  Workers' comp claim?  We'll handle that.  Unemployment claim? We will handle that.  Records request?  We will handle that too and even represent you in case of an audit.  As you are reading this, we hope you are starting to feel peace of mind.... Another important part of your business will be handled!

Pandemic compliance center
Since March 2020 over a dozen Covid laws and regulations were passed and they all affect your business and your workers.  We'll make sure that your company is in complete compliance with all of them and on top of the new regulations we are expecting in 2021.  

At Gransee we also spring into action the second your worker tests positive for the virus and we initiate legal steps including contact tracing, insolating affected coworkers, administering proper leave and mandatory reporting procedures.  

We not only keep your business legally safe but also take every step to take care of your employees!

What our clients are saying

"Using Gransee has been a game changer and breath of fresh air. We can now as a company focus our time on our business and have Gransee oversee our HR. Huge weight off of our shoulders! Would recommend 100%!"



"If you enjoy doing HR and are a labor law expert then you don't need Gransee.  If, however, you are like most small business owners you will love these guys!"



What else you get with Gransee HR


Hiring perfect employees

You know that good employees are crucial to your success.  We will create a compelling job posting (containing required EOE language) and will manage the entire  recruitment process from start to finish.  We will go over all the applications, perform initial selection based on job requirements, conduct first interviews and present you with 2 or 3 candidates we believe would be best for the position so you can make the final decision.  We do all the heavy lifting and use our expertise to get the best people for your team.


Employee onboarding

Employee onboarding is full of legal requirements that often trigger dreaded audits from the IRS and USCIS.  It's crucial that all new employees are properly verified and reported.  Small businesses now must now also pay attention the new 2020 W4 and I9 rules.

We will make sure that your new employees go through all verification steps, complete required paperwork, sign all necessary forms, get added to your secure employee system and are ready for a great first day on the job.


Performance reviews

We recommend doing performance reviews every 6 months along with updating job descriptions to make sure everyone is on the same page and expectations are clearly communicated.  We gather all information from you and speak with every employee about their goals and room for improvement if needed.  

We noticed that open communication during reviews minimizes conflict, increases morale and increases productivity in a long-run.


Disciplinary actions

We know you don't like handling  disciplinary problems and that's when we step in. We find that employees respond much better to a disciplinary talk from an impartial HR Manager than from a company owner or their direct supervisor.  We handle disciplinary problems, initiate employee improvement plan if needed and create detailed documentation every step of the day.


Employee terminations

Mistakes made during employment separation can easily cost you a wrongful termination claim.  We follow a strict termination process that ensures that separation is performed legally and as painlessly as possible.  Even in 'at-will' states employers should follow specific procedures before they dismiss an employee and we handle the entire process for you so you know you're covered,


Employee training

Most states now require that business owners provide their employees with mandatory trainings related to their rights in a workplace including periodic sexual harassment trainings. We will conduct trainings for your workers and provide certificates of completion so you stay compliant with your state  mandates.

Get your own HR Manager at a price you that makes you (and your frugal accountant) happy! 

 There is no longer a reason for you to handle any HR work! Spend time doing what you love to do.  Run your business. Go on a date.  Get more sleep!  

Your HR is handled!

Welcome to Gransee!